Bharat Credit Stack Micro Plans

Middle-India or ‘Bharat’ – comprising of ~100 million households and ~60 million MSMEs – presents the largest untapped opportunity to lenders. Our belief is that this endeavour to democratize credit needs enablement through democratization of the underlying credit technology and infrastructure. We are therefore, building the Bharat Credit Stack for The Next500Million Indians.

As part of this vision, we have unbundled our platform capabilities through our Micro Plans offerings. Our Micro Plans are API bundles which provide complete flexibility and agility to choose and deploy the services you need across & within each of these bundles, and are fully business user-configurable. These services are designed to eliminate the current challenges around Data, Process, Access and Assess – the core drivers of credit friction.

Whether you are an analog or a digital lender, or a loan originator (aggregator, marketplace operator, loan service provider etc), our Micro Plans enable you to ‘pick and choose’ easily-tailored services relevant for your use-case. Our volume-linked subscription-based pricing model also allows you to embrace the power of new-age lending technology without prohibitive upfront costs.

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