Why we are different


Our proprietary technology, IntelliRADAR has now evolved into a more complete low/no code, Event-Driven, Real-Time Business Service Platform.

  • Business users can easily configure objects, variables, rules and workflows through front-end user interfaces which significantly minimises internal/external technology dependency, supported with maker-checker controls and other governance processes.

  • The WLH API Gateway, Core Services & Orchestration Service and the WLH user portals work seamlessly with the Aurora PostGreSQL RDS and DynamoDB back-ends along with SQS, SNS and Lambda in a highly-available/scalable/durable/secure architecture on AWS.

  • Various 3rd party services of clients and partners can be easily integrated into the WLH Credit Gateway platform and dynamically orchestrated along with the WLH’s own services.

  • Aurora PostGreSQL database as the transaction backend offered as a fully-managed service delivers unprecedented availability, durability and scalability features at a fraction of the TCO of enterprise-grade databases. Our clients get an unprecedented degree of Lending Freedom coupled with Database Freedom, that rids them from the tyranny, lock-in and costs of enterprise-grade databases.

  • We are an Advanced ISV / Tech partner of AWS and our platform architecture undergoes regular reviews under the WAR (Well Architected Review) framework of AWS

Managed Service Delivery Model

A comprehensive, fully cost-hedged delivery model which mitigates both, financial and opportunity costs, for lenders. This covers -

  • Core WLH Platform including version/feature upgrades

  • Servers, OS, Database, SW prerequisites, provision & administration of cloud infrastructure on Amazon AWS as a dedicated, secure instance per Client (Production + Test + DR)

  • Initial Setup + L2/L3 Support for the Build, Deploy and Run phases

  • Static user Reports

Pay as you scale

  • No capex, only opex monthly subscription-based service.

  • Full visibility & predictability wrt costs via transparent linkage to business volumes.

  • Allows organizations to not only start small but benefit from better unit economics on an ongoing basis as they scale their business.

  • Hedges clients from unpredictable ‘change request costs’ and brings in greater transparency in terms of total cost of ownership.

Augmented Credit Intelligence

An array of self-built/partner-provided augmented credit solutions leveraging alternate data that we offer our clients

  • Socio-Economic Profiler (SEP) macro-economic variables-based credit score derived from a wide array of public data sources, that helps lenders predict delinquency better by providing them the socio-economic context of a borrower at the time of credit assessment.

  • Psychometric Profile score helps lenders to ascertain the loan applicant’s “intent to repay” digitally Once done, the resultant score can be flexibly used by them in their credit rules / scoring models.

  • GSTN Insights helps lenders ascertain GST payment / return-filing compliance and enables them to target flow-based / other financing by accessing business financial information from a core source.

  • Mobile Credit Intelligence leverages consent-based mobile number-related attributes to compute credit score, particularly for assessing first-time borrowers

  • Property Valuation helps lenders to validate property valuations through real-time access to real estate prices and related insights. This empowers them to appraise and decision property-related loans faster, and in a more robust manner.

  • Vehicle Valuation provides vehicle related insights viz. history certificate etc. on a real-time and digital basis, thereby enabling speedier appraisal and disbursals for used vehicle loans.

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