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Socio Economic Profile Credit Score

New-to-credit (NTC) borrowers are increasingly becoming a large target market for both, the organized (retail) and the unorganized sector (msme). Hence, there is an ever-increasing need for leveraging alternate data for credit evaluation especially for products which have a large first-time borrower composition (viz. CD, 2W, CV Loans, Affordable Housing, PayDay Loans, Merchant Loans, Micro Business Loans, MFI Loans etc.) where conventional data is relatively weak.

SEP is a macro-economic variables-based credit score, that uses relevant variables from a wide array of public data sources, to help provide a socio-economic context based on a borrower’s residential location.

Features & Benefits -
  • Get real-time dpd predictability score at an individual application level

  • Reduce portfolio delinquency levels - sweep-out risky approvals

  • Book more business - sweep-in less risky rejects

  • Sustainable market expansion through geographic micro-segmentation

  • No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) required

  • Pan-India coverage

  • Unfettered access – macro-economic, public data

  • Available as an API-based service akin to a credit bureau score

SEP enables lenders to look at India as ~13 million micro-markets, as opposed to the traditional Tier 1/2/3/4 lens. It can also help make more informed and calibrated market expansion decisions using their portfolio behaviour as the anchor. It can highlight progression / regression trends which, in turn, could even serve as early warning signals for Collections.

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