• Configuration-driven platform allows agile launch of multiple sales incentive programs and continued optimization
  • Set up complex ‘one to many’, ‘many to one’, ‘many to many’ sales hierarchies, including for channel partners
  • Configure and set up multiple fully digital/digitized process workflows according to specific client circumstances
  • Seamlessly integrate with a wide array of upstream / downstream systems.
  • Role-based access control with maker/checker functionality
  • Audit logs for detailed insight on an ongoing basis
  • Cloud-native (we are an Advanced Tech Partner – SaaS of AWS)

Managed Service delivery model

Herald Logic’s unique Managed Service delivery model ensures comprehensive delivery coverage and encompasses –

  • Platform

    We cover the following within our Managed Service delivery –

    • Platform license & ongoing maintenance
    • Upgrades
    • Updates
    • Patches/Fixes (generic as well as specific)

  • Infrastructure

    We cover the following within our Managed Service delivery –

    • Provision/ Administration of dedicated VPC per Client
    • Servers, OS, Database (Oracle), Security & other System/SW prerequisites
    • Admin & management of infra incl. back-ups, redundancy etc.
    • Production, and on-demand test/simulation environments
    • Guaranteed uptime of 99.5%
    • Web Application Firewall & DDoS protection

  • Reporting

    We cover the following within our Managed Service delivery –

    • Standard static reports –
      • Provisional and final payout reports
      • Statutory reports
      • Finance / Ops / Sales user reports
      • Hierarchy reports
    • Audit/Control reports
    • Customized dashboards* – role & hierarchy-based (*available at an incremental cost)

  • Processing

    We cover the following within our Managed Service delivery –

    • Multiple incentive/commission/R&R pay-out cycles at varying frequencies
    • Initial setup – integrations and configurations
    • Ongoing configuration changes
    • Maintenance & updation of required masters wrt hierarchy, programs etc.
    • Partner and Payout management
    • Payout statements to staff/channel partners
    • Clear SLAs for every delivery element

These cover Software Platform & Usage, Hosting & Administration, Implementation, Data Migration, Security Costs, etc. Version upgrades/ updates and configuration-based customizations are also included.

SLA-based services include ongoing programs’ management, new program setup/changes, ongoing data management, payout computation & management incl GST and TDS, standard as well as customized user reports,

Pay as you scale

Defray costs over a longer period and avail ongoing better unit economics

  • ‘No capex, only opex’ monthly subscription-based pricing
  • Defray costs over a longer period and better unit economics.
  • Hedges clients from unpredictable ‘change request costs’ brings greater stability wrt total cost of ownership.
  • Full visibility and predictability wrt costs through transparent linkage to business volumes.

SLA Based Outcome – Focused Model

SLA-based services include –

  • Ongoing programs’ management
  • New program setup/changes
  • Payout computation cycles
  • Payout management incl GST, TDS, PT
  • Uptime/Service/Incident SLAs

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