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Socio Economic Profiler – location intelligence-based credit scoring.
Reduce delinquency, book more business.

Socio Economic Profiler

Socio Economic Profiler (SEP) is a bespoke credit scoring system that uses location intelligence and socio-economic context anchored around the borrower’s anonymised residence location, to evaluate the creditworthiness of borrowers, particularly new-to-credit (NTC) and small business loans.

Conventional credit scoring solutions are falling short, and there is a growing need for alternate data. SEP uses public macro-economic data sources to create a bespoke “probability of default” score based on the borrower’s socio-economic context and residence location. This allows lenders to view India as 13 million micro-markets, reducing portfolio risk and increasing business, particularly in the NTC segment where conventional data is unavailable.

SEP helps lenders to grow business volumes without increasing risk. Lenders can also use SEP to make more informed market expansion decisions and it can serve as early warning signals for collections.

Features & Benefits

SEP enables lenders to look at India as ~13 million micro-markets, as opposed to the traditional Tier 1/2/3/4 lens. It can also help make more informed and calibrated market expansion decisions using their portfolio behaviour as the anchor. It can highlight progression / regression trends which, in turn, could even serve as early warning signals for Collections.

Reduce portfolio delinquency

Sweep-out ‘risky approvals’

Book more business

Sweep-in ‘less risky rejects’

Granular coverage

India mapped into 13 million ‘geo-units’

Works across segments

Adds value to NTC as well as BH profiles

No privacy intrusion

No Personal Identifiable Information required

API-based scoring service

Real-time delinquency predictability

Sustainable market expansion

Custom geographic micro-segmentation

Unfettered access

Public, macro-economic data sources

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