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IncentiHub (currently Herald Logic) - Incentive Compensation Management PaaS
Grow sales motivation via a forever optimizable incentive management solution. Topline growth. Bottomline efficiencies.

IncentiHub - Incentive Compensation Management
Platform As a Service

IncentiHub is the 1st ‘managed service platform’ on the cloud for incentive management
that enables organizations grow their business profitably by building the right sales ecosystem.

IncentiHub helps organizations in the following ways


Incentive Compensation Management

Our Incentive Compensation Management module ensures an agile sales incentive ecosystem to optimize existing / launch new incentive programs on-the-go. It also drives sales motivation as incentive payouts are accurately computed and paid on time.
  • Develop & administer micro-level, incisive sales compensation structures, which are aligned to the business strategy at the lowest common sales node level.
  • Reduce TAT for computation & payout of sales compensation as well as payout administration including taxation and accounting entries.
  • Use varied pay-out cycles across channels as a source of competitive differentiation.
  • Support payout with communication and computation details at transaction level, to every incentive/commission-earning entity in every processing cycle.
  • Handle payout processing exceptions in a structured manner with audi

Lifecycle Management

Our Lifecycle Management module enables streamlined, digital/phygital partner recruitment, onboarding and business enablement at a LOB/Channel/Partner level. It helps solve complexities wrt sales hierarchies as well as sales resources movement, improving payout computation efficiencies.
  • Seek applications from potential channel partners through digital outreach
  • Have multiple internal approval workflows (including documentation upload facility) for reviewing & approving potential channel partners
  • Creating an agent code mimicking the naming convention of the organization
  • Recording performance commitments & compensation terms as agreed
  • Administering this on an ongoing basis including

Performance Management

Our Performance Management module helps track sales performance across staff / channel partners at multiple levels up to an individual program. This allows role-based access to incisive program/partner/staff-level analysis wrt program effectiveness, sales performance – what’s working and what corrective measures are needed to realize better ROI.
  • Compensation base data generates real-time dashboards that allows alignment and effective sales performance management by enabling performance reviews across hierarchies
  • Ensure pre-emptive communication that keeps the entire sales hierarchy informed of where they are vis-a-vis their targets
  • Generate performance as well as compensation reports at a sales agent/channel partner level, email / SMS it to them, as well as feed into a centralised sales portal for online access and viewing.

Configuration-driven platform

  • Enables Enables agile launch of multiple sales incentive programs and continued optimization
  • Set up complex ‘one to many’, ‘many to one’, ‘many to many’ sales hierarchies, including for channel partners
  • Set up multiple fully digital/digitized process workflows according to specific client circumstances
  • Seamlessly integrate with a wide array of upstream / downstream systems.
  • Role-based access control with maker/checker functionality
  • Audit logs for detailed insight on an ongoing basis
  • Cloud-native (we are an Advanced Tech Partner – SaaS of AWS)

Focused Model

SLA-based services include -
  • Ongoing programs’ management
  • New program setup/changes
  • Payout computation cycles
  • Payout management incl GST, TDS, PT
  • Uptime/Service/Incident SLAs

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