April 2016

Undoubtedly, the pursuit for increasing sales effectiveness is a priority for all businesses. When a company’s sales channels realize their full potential, it not only boosts revenue and share but also help create a high performance organization. With this regard, sales and channel management platform for providing sales effectiveness is the key when it comes to boosting revenue, and reducing business acquisition costs.

Ram Ramdas, Founder Director, Herald Logic

Ram Ramdas, Founder Director of Herald Logic claims that although there are various sales and channel management solutions available in the market, very few – even from a global perspective – provide a combination of Sales-Channel Management platform on the Cloud. “Our unique combination of a robust software platform, deep understanding of our customers in the distribution management domain, which is combined with AWS cloud based delivery model makes us absolutely unique,” asserts Ramdas. He explains that Herald Logic offers a subscription based specialized managed service on the AWS Cloud that allows enterprises to increase productivity of their sales and distribution channels apart from enabling them reduce expenses related to business acquisitions and channel operations.

“AWS Cloud based Sales and Channel Management platform – IntelliRADAR helps in improving sales effectiveness. This SLA driven business service offering has demonstrated returns for our clients in excess of 8X-10X on an annualized basis,” adds Ram. With the partnership with AWS, this Mumbai based company is able to help businesses manage large and complex channels efficiently, reduce errors in their complex payouts dramatically, provide proactive notifications to boost sales productivity and help manage complex dynamic sales schemes without any IT complexities.

“Through IntelliRADAR, benefits in sales and distribution operations are accrued with ZERO Capex, small Opex and without the pains of complex technology based enterprise IT rollouts. Additionally, in our managed service model there are no hidden costs, unlike a traditional on premise IT system,” points out Ram. Through its offerings, Herald Logic wants to ensure that enterprises do not need to purchase a sales and channel management solution, just for the sake of buying.

A testimony to the efficacy of Herald’s offerings is what Suresh Therakam, AGM & Head, Distribution Operations & Training, L&T General Insurance, says: “We have been working with Herald Logic for more than two years now. This engagement has delivered fully to our expectations. Their platform is flexible, the process is robust and adaptable and their people are committed to our success. As Head of Distribution Operations, Herald Logic has provided me confidence that we can scale our process without risks and without proportionate increase in our costs. They have responded magnificently and quickly to various requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a reliable long term partner for distribution management needs.”

Moving ahead Herald Logic is bullish about the adoption rate of AWS cloud and will continue to invest and accelerate its AWS cloud strategy. Recently, the company has also launched a powerful, self service channel analytics dashboard on the AWS Cloud on top of its base offering. “We will aggressively pursue and invest in more vertical domains and offerings on the AWS Cloud and we are also in the process of making our offerings global and discussions are on with a couple of global SI partners,” signs off Ram.

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